How to use retrocade

How to use retrocade

Please see our full guide below. we're open for suggestions and other topics. just contact us via facebook, phone or support page.

Important! Please follow the steps 1 to 4

  1. Plug first the hdmi cable to retrocade console and TV (TV must be ON and switch to HDMI Mode.)
  2. Plug the OTG with USB Hub in the middle port.
  3. Plug the two USB Controllers.
  4. Plug the USB 5V cable in the end. 


Shutting down/restart system

Some errors might be seen on game selection menu. we advise to restart the system to configure it properly. otherwise you can shut it down by pressing Start then Shutdown system. please wait until the TV is blank display and the retrocade stops blinking the yellow white you can plug the power cable now.

Once you shutdown, plug out the power cable when the yellow light is turned off (please follow it!). improper usage will result to memory corruption and damage to retrocade machine.


Controller Guide

Hotkeys Action
Press Right Thumb Hotkey
Press Right Thumb+Start Exit to main menu
Left Trigger Insert Coin (Final Burn and Neogeo only)
Right Trigger Start (Final Burn and Neogeo only)
Left Trigger+Right Trigger Exit to main menu (Final Burn & Neogeo Only)
Press Right Thumb+Right Shoulder Save
Press Right Thumb+Left Shoulder Load
Press Right Thumb+B Reset


Basic Troubleshooting Guide

  1. If the sound is being cutoff kindly plug out the hdmi cable to retrocade console.
  2. If the console has no yellow light after plugging the power cord, please contact us immediate video or phone support. requirements: internet connection, remote desktop connection, sd card reader.
  3. Please always plug the two controllers to easily navigate controls to main menu.
  4. If D-Pad buttons aren't working kindly restart the console.
  5. Every console systems have different controls kindly explore it out.
  6. If you hear white noise kindly mute the until you enter to your desired game.



  1. You can add games on the retrocade console on NES, SNES, GBC, GBA, Arcade (service sold separately).
  2. You can remap the controller config (service sold separately).
  3. Save games progress and load where you left.
  4. Some systems have a border due to system limitations but rest assured gaming experience will be the same.
  5. We cover three months service warranty and support for retrocade users. components sold separately.
  6. Ensure that you plug Two controllers, if Right Thumb + Start (back to main menu) isn't working on the player 1, maybe it'll work on player 2.
  7. If D- Pad buttons are not working, please go back to main menu press start to restart the system.
  8. Some games requires D-Pad to work properly. kindly restart if you encounter this otherwise you can control the game using left analog directions.
  9. Some troubleshooting process may require desktop/laptop and high speed internet for live repair. please be aware.




  1. Board: 512 ram, 1Ghz CPU.
  2. Mini HDMI front for retrocade console, HDMI back for TV.
  3. USB OTG 3.0 Data transmission to USB controllers.
  4. 5V Power cable (same standards with android phone charger).



  1. Refrain to turning off the retrocade console without shutting it down, memory of the console will get corrupted.
  2. If you forced shutdown the retrocade (plug out instantly in power cord) you need to restart it twice to recover system dependencies of the device please see screenshot below. don't panic when you see it, its normal its a minicomputer specialised for us gamers!


Perks of retrocade

  1. Phone & Video support.
  2. Basic troubleshooting guide.
  3. Add games from selected console systems.


Download soft copy of user manual